• Company  “Kamin Derevo Dim” Is engaged in the construction of houses on a turn-key basis, the main direction of our company is the construction of wooden houses using different technologies: houses made of laminated veneer lumber, wild log houses (houses for manual felling), houses made of logs, houses from calibrated timber, frame houses. And also the exclusive option that we offer – COMBINED HOUSES.
  • Also our company is engaged in the construction of houses, from such types of materials as: brick, gas block, ceramic block, thermal block, monolithic frame houses. Installation of roofs of any complexity and of such types of materials: cathepal, metal tiles, prof. Flooring, soft roofing, shingles, shingles, reeds.
  • Warming of facades of any complexity with such types of materials: mineral wool, polystyrene, expanded polystyrene. Our partners from the company Royal Space Concept  will translate your dreams into a real project 3D Images, they are ready to fulfill any whim of the customer.
  • Our electrical engineer designs and monitors such works as power supply at home, uninterrupted power supply, installation of diesel generators and other works.
  • Also, our water and heating engineers will design and calculate heating, water supply, sewerage (all internal and external engineering networks) and after agreeing the project and the estimate our specialists will do the work quickly and efficiently.
  • We try to follow the latest innovations in construction and actively use them, and keep up with modern technologies.
  • WE consider, That there is no unreal dream, any dream of the customer is ready to translate into reality.



Our goal is to create maximum comfort for our customers and provide a guarantee of quality.